TEC Podcast Series

Smart Electrification is Revolutionizing Farming Today

April 27, 2022

Our guest was none other than “e-farming” Guru, Dr. Brij Singh, Technical Fellow and Region 4 Manager of External Relationship, Deere and Company. In this podcast, Dr. Singh highlights several burning issues related to smart e-farming and explains how modern electrical machinery will make the lives of farmers easier. He also clarifies how e-farming will influence the farms of the future and change the way crops are produced. He particularly places importance to the role of power electronics and AI/IoT within the e-agricultural sector. He also talks about the role electrified drones will have moving forward. Finally, he talks about developing nations in continents such as Africa and Asia and how farmers there are adapting to agricultural tech advancements, especially from a social perspective. He also exclusively mentions how he and his family have been involved with agriculture and farming in India since the early 1400s. We were indeed honored to host Dr. Brij Singh as our guest for this timely episode on smart electrified farming.

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