TEC Podcast Series

What the Future Holds for Electrified Transport and Smart e-Mobility

September 2, 2022

Ivano Labricciosa speaks with Sheldon Williamson in this thrilling new episode, which explores and discusses the most burning challenges and innovations across the e-mobility industry. The discussion takes an interesting turn when Ivano talks about working to meet rapidly increasing demands across the market, from micro-mobility (such as e-bikes), to buses, to trucks, apart from just focusing on cars. The episode also discusses issues related to charging infrastructure and some of the commercialization issues around both plugged and wireless charging. Finally, Ivano and Sheldon also talk about outreach activities, where they discuss the role of universities, colleges, and schools in training the future generation in all-important STEM-related topics, more specific to the future of e-mobility and electrified transportation.

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